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Costumes Around The World Posters show the costumes of 27 different countries. These are great for children to see how people dress in different parts of the world. Using this as a discussion point, you can talk about the similarities…
Farm Animals Posters show pictures of animals and objects that you can find on a farm. These are great to use as a discussion point with children or to use as part of a display.
The Lifecycle Of A Butterfly shows the process of how a butterfly develops, This is great for children to learn about lifecycles.
Butterfly Posters show pictures of different types of butterflies. These can be used in a variety of different experiences including during group time, for art experiences and more.
The Caring For The Environment Posters is great to use to show children and the community how to care for the environment. These are little tips that can be used as reminders of how we can all care for the…
Sloth Information Posters provide information on sloths. These are great to share with children and to add into the learning environment.
Sloth Posters show images of different sloths in their environment. This is great to share with children learning about sloths.
Types Of Bees Posters include images and the names of different types of bees. These are great to use as a discussion point for children and to display in the learning environment.
Bees Fact Posters have interesting facts about bees. These are great to use during group discussions on bees and to share with children.
The Bush Tucker Posters detail information on the nutrition bush tucker foods provides to the Aboriginal people. These posters can be used as a display and to start conversations with children on bush tucker.
These feelings posters provides a visual representation of a specific feeling. They can be used as a tool to teach children to recognise and identify feelings and can be helpful in supporting a child to express and share their feelings.…
Dinosaur Fossil Posters are to be used as a display in the learning environment during a dinosaur theme. These can also be laminated and used as a playdough mat where children have to use playdough to make the dinosaur fossils.
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