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Planet Cutting Lines enable children to cut along different types of lines to practice their cutting skills. Cutting along different lines enables children to practice their hand-eye coordination, practice holding the paper and scissors correctly and confidence in using the scissors to cut. 

Planet Posters

Category Posters & Charts

The Planet Posters are a visual representation of the planets in our solar system. It's a great way for children to understand and observe  the colours of different planets and to identify and name them. 

These Planet Posters can be displayed as part of a space theme within the room or used in teaching children about planets. 

Stars In Space Counting enables children to add the correct number of stars corresponding to the number on the planet. This helps children with identifying numbers, supports number recognition and one to one correspondence. 

The stars provided can be cut out and glued or laminated onto the space mat. These can also be used as playdough mats once laminated for children to create their own stars to match to the number. 

Planet Flashcards

Category Flashcards

The Planet Flashcards support children to recognise and name the planets in the solar system. Each flashcard has the name of the planet and the real image of the planet.

These flashcards can be used in multiple ways to extend children's learning including printing 2 sets to use as a matching game,  as a memory game, can be used for bingo or included into a space theme. 

The Planet Information Posters - Cartoon are a great way to teach children about the planets in our solar system. Each poster provides a cartoon picture and information about each individual planet. These are great to read to the children to extend their learning about planets. These are also great to display for a space theme.

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