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Ocean Shadow Flashcards enable children to match each ocean animal with their shadow. Shadow matching enables children to develop visual discrimination skills and analyse the shapes of sea animals to match one another.

These flashcards have Thank You in different languages from around the world. Children can learn to say thank you from different parts of the world. These flashcards can also be used in displays, for cultural experiences and to enable children to explore cultural diversity.

The Lego Challenge Task Cards are a fun way to engage children and extend their learning. Each cards provides a challenge for children to complete while playing with Lego. Children can do this individually or in a small group. It helps supports children's creativity and fine motor skills. These Lego challenge task cards are great for OOSH children who enjoy building with Lego. 

Alphabet Trash Match enables children to match the capital letters to the lower case letters. These are great for learning letters and letter recognition. These can also be used to find letters, to spell names or words or more! 

Planet Flashcards

Category Flashcards

The Planet Flashcards support children to recognise and name the planets in the solar system. Each flashcard has the name of the planet and the real image of the planet.

These flashcards can be used in multiple ways to extend children's learning including printing 2 sets to use as a matching game,  as a memory game, can be used for bingo or included into a space theme. 

The Australian Animal Flashcards enables children to recognise Australia's most common animals. Australia's habitats range from deserts, tropical rainforests, grasslands and more and within these habitats lives Australia's recognisable animals. Many Australian animals are endemic to the country - meaning that they are only found in Australia. The following flashcards will help children to learn the names of famous Australian animals.

These flashcards enable children to match each farm animal with their shadow. Shadow matching enables children to develop visual discrimination skills and enables children to analyse shapes of the farm animals to match to one another.

The farm animals adult and baby flashcards are a great tool for children to learn the names of baby farm animals. They can be used in a variety of different ways to further develop children's knowledge. These flashcards can be used as a memory game, a matching game as a discussion point, to display and much more. 

Feelings Flashcards

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These sets of feelings flashcards provides a visual representation of a specific feeling. They can be used as a tool to teach children to recognise and identify feelings and can be helpful in supporting a child to express and share their feelings.

These flashcards include inside and outside of fruits. This will help children identify the inside of a particular fruit and to match it with the correct outside of the same fruit. This will enable children to practice their visual skills and their ability to match corresponding fruits.

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