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Transportation Shadows Cut and Paste is a great activity for children to identify the right shadow transportation with their matching image. This activity enables children to develop vidual discrimination skills, hand eye coordination and learning to analyse the shapes of images to match. 

Planet Cutting Lines enable children to cut along different types of lines to practice their cutting skills. Cutting along different lines enables children to practice their hand-eye coordination, practice holding the paper and scissors correctly and confidence in using the scissors to cut. 

This activity requires children to match halves of fruit together. By doing this activity children will develop their visual discrimination by choosing the correct half to match, hand eye coordination, awareness of different fruits and cognitive development. These can also be cut and laminated for children to match.

Children can practice their cutting skills by creating a Friendship Bracelet. Choose a Friendship Bracelet that children can cut out, colour, design and create (by gluing both ends together). They can wear it themselves or gift it to someone special. This is a fun way to get children to practice cutting out all different shapes.

Here are 8 "love" cutting worksheets which a child can use to practice their cutting skills. These can be used to show "love" to a child's loved one by completing the cut and paste worksheets. Create a love picture by encouraging the child to cut the images on page 1, and pasting them on the background on page 2. The completed picture can be given to a child's loved one on different occasions such as Valentines Day, Mother's Day, a parent birthday etc. It can also be used as a fun craft activity.

Cut the Pictures in Page 1 and paste them on Image in Page 2

Worksheets of cutting out pictures of vehicles

Worksheets of cutting out pictures of people

Worksheets of cutting out pictures of cartoons

Worksheets of cutting out pictures of birds

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