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Farm Animals Cut and Paste worksheets enable children to find, match and paste the farm animal pictures together. These can also be cut and laminated and used as puzzles for young children. 

Encourage children to learn the names of farm animals with these vocabulary worksheets. Children will enjoy identifying and understanding the terms of farm animals in the picture and tracing over each letter to write its name. An excellent school readiness activity for preschoolers to practice their writing skills and learn new vocabulary!

Farm Animals Posters show pictures of animals and objects that you can find on a farm. These are great to use as a discussion point with children or to use as part of a display. 

Farm Animal Colouring Pages are for children to colour, paint, or collage and can also be used as part of an art and craft experience. Each colouring page also includes the name of the fam animal. 

Cow Spot Counting is a simple activity that enables children to recognise the number and add the correct number spots on the cow. These encourage number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Cow Spot Counting can be used in a variety of ways. The spots included can be cut out and children can use these to add to the correct number to each cow, these can be laminated and used as playdough counting mats where children have to make their own playdough spots, spots can be finger painted on or even drawn on.

These flashcards enable children to match each farm animal with their shadow. Shadow matching enables children to develop visual discrimination skills and enables children to analyse shapes of the farm animals to match to one another.

Children will enjoy creating their very own farm animal mask. These masks can be coloured, collaged and painted to make them nice and bright. Cut out the eyes and 2 holes on either side of the face, add string and tie around children's face. These can also be used as farm animal hats by cutting the face out and attaching them to cardboard to fit around the child's head. 

The farm animal pattern block mats enables children to develop spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. It also helps children to sort blocks based on size, shape and colour which creating farm animals. 

For children who have pattern blocks, they can recreate these farm animals by placing the right blocks on top of the picture, for others the second page has all the pieces needed that can be cut out and used.  

The farm animals adult and baby flashcards are a great tool for children to learn the names of baby farm animals. They can be used in a variety of different ways to further develop children's knowledge. These flashcards can be used as a memory game, a matching game as a discussion point, to display and much more. 

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