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The Australian Animal Information Posters enable children to recognise and name Australia's most famous animals. There is also a brief description of each animal that can be read to children to provide them with knowledge about each Australian animal. These are great for the learning environment and to use during circle time discussions.

The Australian Birds Colouring Pages enable children to recognise and colour popular Australian birds. These colouring pages can be painted, collaged and more. These are great for children to begin identifying Australian birds.

The Australian Animal Colouring Pages enable children to recognise and name common Australian animals. These colouring pages can be used as part of an art and craft experience where children can paint, colour, collage each Aussie animal.

The Australian Animal Flashcards enables children to recognise Australia's most common animals. Australia's habitats range from deserts, tropical rainforests, grasslands and more and within these habitats lives Australia's recognisable animals. Many Australian animals are endemic to the country - meaning that they are only found in Australia. The following flashcards will help children to learn the names of famous Australian animals.

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