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The Would You Rather Flashcards are funny and silly questions that can be asked to children. They can be used as ice breakers, brain breaks and to get to know the children a little better. These questions are to help children begin to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision that's right for them. It gives them an opportunity to think, reflect, and use their imagination while deciding between the options given.

Pop See Ko

Category Rhymes and Songs

This silly song is quite easy and interesting. Children can repeat the lines of the song and also follow learn to follow directions by following the dance moves. Children will develop their cognitive skills, gross motor skills and creativity. The jingle of the song is also very catchy and will be grasped easily by children. 

Air Drawing Brain Breaks enables children to take a break from their task and to refocus. They start at the dot and follow along the line. These can be shown to children and they redraw the pattern in the air or laminated and children follow along the line with their finger. Great addition to add to a calm down area.

Air Drawing Brain Breaks provide many skills such as direction going from left to right, visual spatial skills, visual tracking, eye hand co-ordination, crossing the midline and more.

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