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Learning emotional regulation in the early years is not only important to become better-adjusted adults but has been found directly related to higher levels of academic achievement in later life. An integral step in emotional regulation is the identification of unhelpful or negative emotions like anger.

It can be difficult for young children to listen to others. On one hand, the little brains are still struggling with impulse control while on the other, they are at a developmental stage where they have started asserting their individuality. The following provides helpful phrases to use when children don’t seem to listen.

Early childhood is a time of testing all sorts of boundaries. As young children gain more control over their bodies, they become keener to explore physical and social environments, trying to understand what they can and cannot do. In this process of exploration, children end up behaving in ways which can be harmful to themselves, others and the environment in general.

The Room Guidelines Posters are a set of behaviour management strategies that can be implemented within the room. These are child friendly and easy for children to remember. These posters are bright and colourful and can be used as a display within the room to remind children of the guidelines that are implemented.

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