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The Letter Of The Week enables Educators to choose a letter of the alphabet for children to learn for the week. Using the Letter Of The Week posters Educators can implement a variety of experiences that will assist children in learning the letter. This can also be used during circle time.

The First Sounds Match Up is a great phonics activity for children to sound out the letter and match the picture to the correct letter sound. This is a great way for children to begin learning letter sounds and for children to begin learning phonics.

The Feed The Monster Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise letters and match each letter to the correct monster. This is a great ABC learning game and letter recognition game for children.

The Bunny Picture Letter Match enables children to match the correct letter with the correct picture. Children look at the picture on the left side and choose the correct letter that corresponds with that letter. These can also be laminated and used as a writing task for older children by asking children to write the correct letter matching to the picture.

Letter Spy

The Letter Spy Worksheets are great for children to "spy" and colour the correct letter for each letter of the alphabet. This is great for children learning letters and recognising letters of the alphabet. 

Letter Tracing Picture Worksheets are great for children to practice writing letters. Each individual worksheet shows a picture corresponding to the letter, the capital letter and the small letter for children to trace. These are also great to use as a quiet activity by laminating them and using a marker and dry eraser for children to practice with during rest time.

The Auslan Alphabet Posters show each of the letters of the alphabet in Auslan sign language. Auslan (Australian sign language) is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. It was developed in Australia by people who are deaf so that they could communicate with others. These can be used as a display or to teach children basic letters in Auslan sign language.

Fingerprint Alphabet Art is a simple activity for children to create objects using their fingerprints starting with each letter of the alphabet. There is an example of the fingerprint art for each letter that children can follow. This activity enables children to learn each letter of the alphabet by creating their own fingerprint art.

The Monster Letters Posters are great for children to recognise different letters of the alphabet. These colourful posters can be used as a room display or set up in the book corner. They can be also used to create different words for different themes.

The Fish Bowl Alphabet Match enables children to match the correct letter fish into the correct fish bowl. This activity supports children in recognising the letters of the alphabet, improves their concentration and memory as well as practice visual discrimination.

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