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Alphabet Witches Match enables children to match the correct letter on the witches hat to the correct witch. This activity supports children in recognising the letters of the alphabet, improves their concentration and memory as well as practice visual discrimination.

Spider counting is a counting activity from 1 to 10 for children to match the correct number of spiders onto the plane. This activity is great for number recognition, for children learning their numbers, one to one correspondence and more. 

Spider have been included that can be printed and used for this activity. Spider toys, playdough, blocks etc. can also be used for counting. 

Pumpkin Head Shapes is a simple activity for children. Children have to choose the correct shape to add to the pumpkin to complete the pumpkin head face. 

These can be laminated and use with the shapes provided or even as playdough mats. A great Halloween activity. 

Witches Brew Counting is a super fun activity that enables children to create their own witches brew. Each child chooses a counting brew card and adds each ingredient into their witches brew.

The Witches Brew Counting set includes Counting Brew Cards, Cauldron, Worms, Eyes and Frogs which all can be laminated and cut out for the children to use over again. 

This activity encourages one to one correspondence as number recognition. It is also great for Halloween. 

Monster Colouring Pages enable children to create their own monster. They can colour, collage, paint a monster of their own. 

Monster Colour Match is a simple and fun activity that enables children to choose the correct colour of the monster from the colour options given.  This is great activity for colour recognition and for children learning colours. 

Laminate these for long lasting. Children can peg, add blocks, add playdough, circle the correct colour they choose. 

Monster Hair Cutting is a simple activity that enables children to practice their cutting skills by cutting different types of lines of hair. Children can also colour in their monster before giving it a haircut! Great for Halloween. 

Children can create these pumpkins as part of Halloween celebrations.

Create these "friendly" skeletons for Halloween. 

Monster Wreaths

Category Art and Craft

This Halloween, create a monster wreath to hang in the room. 

Materials Need: 

  • Paper plate
  • cotton balls
  • black paper (cut into small circles to fit onto the cotton balls)
  • white cardboard (cut into triangles as teeth)
  • Paint
  • Yellow cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue

What to do: 

  • Cut a circle from the middle of a paper plate so it creates a wreath.
  • Have child paint around the "wreath". It can be any colour as this is the monster face. 
  • After the paint dries, child glues the cotton balls on top of the monster face. 
  • On top of the cotton balls, child glues black paper circles (to create the pupils). 
  • The white triangles are glues in the middle of the wreath to create the monster teeth. 
  • Glue to horns on.
  • Hang them in the room, or use them as part of a monster theme Halloween display. 

Hints and Tips: 

  • Have the materials ready, so toddlers can create their own monster wreath as well. 
  • Use googly eyes instead of cotton balls for the eyes. 
  • Have different colours paint for the face, to create colourful monsters. 
  • Add a dash of glitter. 
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