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Parents To Pay A Fee When Dropping Children Off Early To School

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Parents To Pay A Fee When Dropping Children Off Early To School Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

Principal, Kristine Sleeth Lemon of Burrowes State School, QLD, has introduced fees for Parents to pay if they drop off their school children before 8:30 am.

The fees that must be paid by parents is for the on-site before school care program which costs from $2.60 per child and offers children breakfast and supervision if arriving early at school.

The email sent to Parents explained that this new policy was in order for the safety and well-being of children on the school grounds who arrive at school before the starting time of 8:30 am.

For those parents who work, they found it extremely unfair, one parent commented:

"As a working parent, I find it extremely unfair that the school is suggesting I find an additional $100 a month so I can pay for before school care for my child especially considering that there has always been supervision from 8 am at the playground courts,” Cherie said. "I will continue to drop my daughter off at school each day by 8 am and understand that she may be unsupervised prior to 8.30am. However, I would hope that due to my work and the fact that I can’t afford additional care for her that there will be no consequences for her.”

The descision was made in consultation with the principal and school community.

Smith, Leesa "Working Parents Furious With New Charge For Dropping Kids To School Early", Kidspot, 10 September 2018.


Last modified on Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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