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Melbourne Council Banned Parents From Giving Gifts To Educators For Christmas

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Melbourne Council Banned Parents From Giving Gifts To Educators For Christmas

A Melbourne council's decision to ban gifts to Educators has drawn criticism from locals and parents who feel it was stealing Christmas.

This action is a part of a general strategy to stop bribing any official in the Yarra City Council, including town planners and Educators.

Councillor Stephen Jolly has expressed his disapproval of the decision.  "I don't know how you can corrupt a childcare worker, by the way," Jolly said. "Whether they give your kid a bit of extra Lego or an extra meat pie at lunch… I don't know."

Parent Olivia Zynevych gave the staff at Gold Street Child Care mugs filled with chocolates and tea bags, but the council has ordered that they be donated to a worthy cause. "They're taking the spirit away from Christmas," she replied. "It's a box of chocolates, it's not a bribe, it's just to say thank you."

In a statement, the City of Yarra stated that all employees are using the same strategy.

CEO Sue Wilkinson stated, "We want our community to have confidence that all of our staff act with integrity at all times."

"Political correctness gone completely mad" was how Yarra Residents Collective member Adam Promnitz put the action. "They're the Grinch that have stolen Christmas from their own staff," he stated.

While the council is sure that it is just doing what is right, detractors generally agree that the policy is lazy. "I think even the Grinch would turn red with the policy of Yarra Council on this one," Jolly stated.

"For God's sake, show some common sense."

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Last modified on Wednesday, December 27, 2023
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