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Free Virtual Conference On Safety, Health and Wellbeing In Early Learning

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Free Virtual Conference On Safety, Health and Wellbeing In Early Learning

Goodstart is bringing experts from around the nation together for a virtual conference which will be available until 30th April 2021.

Experts from a wide range of organisations will speak on issues including safe products, educator injury, immunisation, managing risk and playground checks and audits.

The virtual series will provide 11 sessions which can be watched individually and in any order you wish.

Session 1

Introduction: Goodstart's Story

Session 2

Choosing safe products - Susan Teerds - CEO, Kidsafe QLD

Session 3

Playground checks and audits - Charles Udy - Level 3 Playground Inspector, Kidsafe QLD

Session 4

Educator injuries and how to prevent them - Chris Hamilton - Victorian State Manager – Workplace Risk, Willis Towers Watson

Session 5

Supporting educators to return to work - Lorene Wise - National Recover at Work Leader, Goodstart Early Learning

Session 6

Immunisation for educators Infectious Diseases - Dr. Rob McCartney

Session 7

Educator Wellbeing and Mental Health - Associate Professor Sandie Wong - Macquarie University and Early Childhood Educator Wellbeing Project

Session 8

Emergency Management in early learning - Kristy Keech - Queensland State Manager, Australian Essential Services Compliance

Session 9

Facilities Management and checks - Gavin Reiske - Safety Facilities Specialist, Goodstart Early Learning

Session 10

Managing Work Health and Safety risks - Kylie Warren-Wright - National Safe Work and Wellbeing Manager, Goodstart Early Learning

Session 11

Crisis communication - Wendy George - Head of Corporate Affairs & Partnerships, Goodstart Early Learning

To register and view the conference: Safety, Health and Wellbeing In Early Learning

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