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Fast Track Childcare Courses Causes Concerns

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Fast Track Childcare Courses Causes Concerns Simon Fraser Uni

Australian Skills Quality Authority has found that 70% of childcare courses take less than a year to complete, instead of the minimum of 12 to 24 months requirement, making the majority of educators working in child care centres inadequately trained.

Training providers are providing "fast track" courses, where 20% of certificate 3 courses are completed in 26 weeks or less,  leaving students under prepared to take care of children in registered early childhood settings. 

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), requires 1200 hours of training for a Certificate 3 qualification, however the average RTO audited was just 750 hours. 

From the 77 RTO's audited nationally, only 26% were found to be compliant with the national training standards, leaving 74% failing to meet requirements. 

Due to these findings, the government will increase audits of child care training organisations, consider more on the job training, enforcing penalties and establishing a "preferred provider".

Some child care providers have "black banned" graduates of specific training organisations because they do not have the confidence in the competency of their students, particular those courses that are "short" which leaves students with less chance of getting a job. 

Registered Training providers offering courses who are not providing adequate services, may be fined or shut down.

Quality training is a critical component, helping Australians into jobs which is why it's important to improve the relevancy and quality of training providers. 

In Aussie Childcare Network forum, there are alot of hard working students trying to complete their qualification so they can work in this industry. It is not a students fault for choosing a "fast track" course to become qualified. Students may not know that the minimum requirement is 12 - 24 months to complete a qualification, when there are training organisations offering the same course in a shorter amount of time. With so many course providers offering child care qualifications it's difficult to determine which course providers are legitimate. It's our duty as educators to support each other and by preparing students to become confident and competent educators. 

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Last modified on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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