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Educators Demand 25% Wage Increase

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Educators Demand 25% Wage Increase

An urgent 25% wage increase is demanded by frustrated Educators who claim they are overworked and underpaid in order to address issues with excessive turnover in the sector.

According to experts, low pay, poor working conditions, and insufficient government support have caused staffing shortages throughout the sector as childcare facilities struggle to meet the demand that is only expected to increase.

According to a federal budget submission by the United Workers Union, between 30 and 48 per cent of educators leave the field each year, a percentage that is twice the average for the country (UWU).

Helen Gibbons, head of UWU's early education programme, said that it was challenging to keep employees in the field, particularly as living expenses rose.

The smartest and brightest educators are quitting the field in large numbers, she claimed, due to low pay and tremendous stress.

"Educators are barely making ends meet with the pay they receive in the face of skyrocketing cost of living hikes. Turnover is through the roof as a result, and workloads are too high.

The union requested that the federal government provide cash for an upfront and immediate 25% wage increase for early life educators "in recognition of the past under-valuation of care labour" in a pre-budget submission.

The lobbying effort comes after the Fair Work Commission in October authorised a 15% pay boost for aged-care workers.

The Clovelly Child Care Center in Sydney's east has a high centre turnover rate, which Debbie said causes some families to lose out.

The hardest effect, according to her, is how difficult it is for families to secure housing for their kids.

"It's a travesty that professionals with training like educators get paid the least—some only make $26 an hour."

Childcare providers have to be adequately compensated, according to a representative for Minister of Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Burke.

"This Government is aware of the significance of raising wages, especially in low-paying, predominately female industries like early childhood education and care. The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill was passed last year for just this reason, the spokeswoman added.

"Early childhood educators perform such a crucial and expert job. That must be respected and regarded appropriately".

Childcare Workers Demand 25 Per Cent Wage Increase,

Last modified on Monday, February 6, 2023
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