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Children Are Suffering With Detrimental Effects Due To The Pandemic In Australia

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Children Are Suffering With Detrimental Effects Due To The Pandemic In Australia Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Research has been shown that the effect of pandemics on children and adolescents is very impactful. It has been said that like covid, pandemics also impacts the children on their mental health and well-being.

Research has been conducted by paediatrician Prof Sharon Goldfeld from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute said that it is very needful to address the disparities that have been developed in young children due to the pandemic. According to Goldfeld, children are facing “generation-defining disruption” due to the covid norms such as social distancing, online learning, less outside playing, etc and it is very important to address these disruptions for their stable mental growth and overall well-being. Professor Goldfeld said that covid precaution norms had worked benefited for some children and for others it had worked adversely and “leading to a widening of disparities in child health, wellbeing, and developmental outcomes.”.

A pediatrician with the Children’s Hospital Westmead, associate Prof Nicholas Wood, said that he had heard that in many places children are not wanting to leave their houses in fear of being affected by the covid virus.

A survey has been conducted among the teachers where many of them said only 35% of their children were learning effectively. Goldfeld said that family needs to support more by spending time together and/or offering support during remote studies. She said “It will be difficult to predict how long it will take those with lost learning to catch up, but strategies to identify those left behind and targeted long-term interventions for those especially in low socioeconomic school settings will be critical,”

Australian Children Facing ‘Generation-Defining Disruption’ Due To Pandemic, Experts Say, The Guardian Australia

Last modified on Friday, April 29, 2022
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