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Childcare Providers Unpaid Hundred Of Dollars Over A Fortnight

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Childcare Providers Unpaid Hundred Of Dollars Over A Fortnight Image by rickey123 from Pixabay

After a Human Services Departement error, childcare providers have been out of pocket and left unpaid by hundreds of dollars for over two weeks throughout Canberra and surrounds.

Government subsidies for Parents sent directly to the childcare providers failed to arrive, caused by the IT department which left childcare providers severely short of cash and uncertain of when they would be paid.

This delay caused childcare providers fuming after many spent more than a week struggling to make ends meet while remaining uncertain when they would be paid.

According to the Human Services Department, they said the problem started when timesheets for childcare providers were not automatically processed.

Payments finally arrived for childcare providers on Monday after the department dealt with the timesheets manually.

Dingwall, Doug "Human Services glitch hits pockets of childcare providers", The Canberra Times, 26 June 2019

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