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Canberra Childcare Services Shutdown Due To Smoke

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Canberra Childcare Services Shutdown Due To Smoke The Australian

Childcare services throughout Canberra have closed due to the smoke and air quality from the NSW bushfires.

Canberra's air quality is currently the worst in the world, as winds carry the smoke from the NSW bushfires throughout Canberra.

The orange-tinged smoke has made breathing outside very difficult. It has entered homes and business buildings across the capital, setting off hundreds of automatic fire alarms.

Children are more likely to be affected by health issues from the smoke. Children’s airways are still developing and they breathe more air per kilo of body weight than adults. Air particles can cause sore eyes, nose and throat for many kids, and irritate the respiratory system in more serious cases.

Due to the deteriorating air quality, it's important that children stay inside more often as they are more likely to become affected by the smoke.

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