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10 Week Old Infant Scratched Over A Dozen Times In A Melbourne Childcare Centre

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A 10-week-old infant severely scratched by another child at a Melbourne childcare service had to be transported to the hospital, after the infant was covered in over a dozen scratches.

His mother Rachel* said she received a call from Only About Children Melbourne Central last month informing her that her infant had been involved in an incident involving a routine nappy change.

According to Rachel, a staff member informed her that Noah was scratched by a different child while a teacher was engaged in changing the diaper of a third child.

Noah, her 10-week-old infant, was covered in over a dozen red scratches when the mother and her boyfriend arrived.

"We both started crying. Through a translator, Rachel told 7NEWS that they could not believe such a terrible thing could have happened to their son.

Medical professionals checked and cleaned Noah's wounds at Box Hill Hospital, where his family brought him.

Doctors reportedly expressed surprise that the baby had sustained such severe scratches, and they examined the child to make sure his eyes and brain were unharmed, according to Rachel.

"My heart is in a lot of anguish. Rachel remarked, "I don't even want to click on the pictures of Noah being hurt.

The event was reported to the Victorian Department of Education, which stated that the centre has modified its procedures as a result.

A spokesman for the service said, "The service has put measures in place to address this incident, including reviewing its procedures at nappy change times to include an additional educator at these times."

"The department takes the safety, security, and well-being of every child extremely seriously."

According to Rachel, the family has not returned their boy to childcare because they are traumatised.

“We just can’t accept this explanation because there were more than 20 scratches on Noah’s face. How could this happen accidentally?” Rachel said.

* Full name concealed for privacy reasons*

Baby, Just 10 Weeks Old, Badly Scratched At Melbourne Childcare, 7 NEWS Australia, 13th July 2023

Last modified on Thursday, June 15, 2023
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