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Free Webinar - Revisiting Supervision: Current Strategies For Keeping ​​​​​​​Children Safe

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Free Webinar - Revisiting Supervision: Current Strategies For Keeping ​​​​​​​Children Safe

Join Dr Mary Anne Hall from EPEC Education, on Tuesday 10th October 2023, as she provides key strategies for providing a safe environment for children. Importantly, this Webinar will also cover recent changes to Government legislation regarding the transportation of children. 

In this Webinar, educators and caregivers will learn:

  • Practical strategies for providing a safe and nurturing physical environment
  • Balancing technology and record keeping with supervision obligations
  • Managing risk on excursions
  • Transporting children in accordance with current Government legislation
  • Techniques for managing children at risk for ‘running away’ from the care setting.
  • Strategies for managing risk associated with Centre renovations or capital works.

This Webinar is recommended for all those responsible for the daily care and supervision of children, including Centre Directors; OSHC Coordinators; Group Leaders; Educators, and Caregivers.
The importance of actively supervising children in meeting positive outcomes is reflected in Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standard (NQS), in particular: Standard 2.2: Each child is protected. Element 2.2.1: At all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazards.

For more information and to register: Revisiting Supervision: Current Strategies for Keeping ​​​​​​​Children Safe

Last modified on Wednesday, September 13, 2023
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