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Free NQF eLearning Modules

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Free NQF eLearning Modules

New National Quality Framework (NQF) professional development eLearning modules are now available from ACECQA. The online modules progressed as one of the short-term actions in the Shaping our Future: Implementation and Evaluation Plan. The program consists of a series of four eLearning modules which each cover a different aspect of the NQF. 

These are helpful resources for new educators who have entered the children's education and care sector and a useful refresher for current educators to build an understanding of their important role within the sector. 

There are four eLearning modules, with each covering a different aspect of the NQF:

  • Introduction to the children’s education and care sector -  About the sector and the ways educators support quality education and care to improve educational and developmental outcomes for children.
  • Overview of the NQF - About the creation of the NQF and its component parts.
  • National Law and Regulations - About the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.
  • National Quality Standard - About the purpose and structure of the NQS, which includes seven quality areas that are key to achieving positive outcomes for children.

This eLearning program has been developed for new educators who have entered the children's education and care sector. These modules can also be used by current educators to support your understanding of your role within the children's education and care sector. 

To access: Free NQF eLearning Modules

Last modified on Thursday, September 29, 2022
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