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2024 Yearly Calendar Of Cultural Celebrations And Events For Early Childhood Services

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2024 Yearly Calendar Of Cultural Celebrations And Events For Early Childhood Services Go Design

The following lists cultural and special events that are taking place from January - December 2024. This should help you plan and organise upcoming events and celebrations in 2024.


  • 1st – 31st January
    Walk Your Dog Month
  • 1st January
    New Year’s Day
    Public Domain Day
    Gantan Sai (New Years) - Shinto
  • 2nd January
    World Introvert Day
    National Science Fiction Day
  • 4th January
    World Braille Day
    World Spaghetti Day
  • 6th January
  • 7th January
    Orthodox Christmas Day
  • 10th January
    World Hindi Day
  • 11th January
    Girl Hug Boy Day
  • 12th January
    Earth Chakra Day
  • 13th January
    Rubber Duckie Day
    Maghi - Sikhism
  • 14th January
    International Kite Day
  • 15th January
    Pongal - Hinduism
  • 17th January
    Kids Inventors Day
  • 18th January
    National Winnie The Pooh Day
  • 19th January
    Feast Of Epiphany - Orthodox Christianity
  • 20th January
    Penguin Awareness Day
  • 21st January
    Squirrel Appreciation Day
    National Hug Day
    World Religion Day
  • 24th January
    International Day of Education
  • 25th January
    Mahayana New Year - Buddhism
  • 26th January
    Yabun: Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures
    Invasion Day
    Survival Day
    Australia Day
  • 27th January
    Chocolate Cake Day
    Holocaust Memorial Day
  • 25th January 
    15 Shevat (Jewish)
  • 28th January
    National Lego Day
  • 29th January
    Puzzle Day


  • 1st-28th February
    Feel Good February
  • 1st February
    Feel Read Aloud Day
  • 2nd February
    World Wetlands Day
  • 4th February
    World Cancer Day
  • 4th February - 10th February
    Healthy Lunchbox Week
  • 5th February
    World Nutella Day
  • 6th February
    Waitangi Day (NZ)
  • 7th February
    Safer Internet Day
  • 9th February
    World Pizza Day
  • 10th February
    Lunar New Year - Year Of The Dragon
    Losar - Buddhism
  • 11th February
    International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • 12th February
    International Darwin Day
  • 13th February
    Anniversary of Apology
    World Radio Day
    Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday
  • 14th February
    Valentine’s Day
    International Book Giving Day
    Library Lovers' Day
    Ash Wednesday
  • 15th February
    Nirvana Day - Buddhism
  • 17th February
    Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 20th February
    National Love Your Pet Day
    World Day Of Social Justice
  • 21st February
    International Mother Language Day
    World Harmony Day
    World Thinking Day
  • 24th February
    Magha Puja Day - Buddhism
    Lantern Festival
  • 26th February
    Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • 28th February
    Summer’s Day KidSafe


  • 1st-31st March
    Australian Women’s History Month
    Australian Adopt a Pet Month
    National Epilepsy Month
    The Water Challenge
  • 1st-7th March
    Hearing Awareness Week
  • 1st March
    World Compliment Day
  • 2nd March
    Dr Seuss Day
  • 2nd - 10th March
    National Sea Week
  • 3rd March
    World Wildlife Day
    Clean Up Australia Day
  • 8th March
    UN International Women’s Day
    MahaShivaratri - Hinduism
  • 11th March
    Canberra Day
    Ramadam - Islam
  • 11th - 21st March
    Cultural Diversity Week
  • 14th March
    Pi Day
  • 16th March
    National Close the Gap Day
  • 17th March
    St Patrick’s Day
  • 18th March
    Global Recycling Day
  • 18th - 24th March
    Harmony Week
  • 19th March
    International Read to Me Day
  • 20th March
    International Day of Happiness
    Very Hungry Caterpillar Day
    National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
    World Storytelling Day
  • 21st March
    World Poetry Day
    World Down Syndrome Day
    International Day of Forests
    Harmony Day
  • 20th March -26th March
    National Playgroup Week
  • 22nd March
    World Water Day
    Ride2School Day
    World Theatre Day
  • 23rd March
    World Meteorological Day
    World Maths Day
    World Tamale Day
    Earth Hour
    Holi - India
  • 25th March
    Holi - Hinduism
  • 29th March
    Neighbour Day
    Good Friday
  • 31st March


  • 1st April
    April Fools Day
  • 2nd April
    World Autism Day
    International Children’s Book Day
  • 4th April
    World Stray Animal Day
  • 6th - 16th April
    Nature Play Week
  • 7th April
    World Health Day
  • 12th April
    International Day Of Human Space Flight
  • 6th April
    Tartan Day
  • 18th April
    World Heritage Day
  • 21st April
    World Creativity & Innovation Day
  • 22nd April - 30th April
    Passover (Jewish)
  • 23rd April
    World Book and Copyright Day
  • 24th April
    International Guide Dog Day
  • 25th April
    ANZAC Day
    World Penguin Day
  • 28th April
    Pay It Forward Day
  • 29th April
    International Dance Day
  • 30th April
    International Jazz Day


  • 1st-7th
    Family Day Care Week
  • 1st May
    May Day
    Mother Goose Day
  • 4th May
    Star Wars Day
    International Firefighters Day
  • 5th - 11th May
    International Compost Awareness Week
  • 5th May
    Children's Day - Japan
  • 5th May - 12th May
    Road Safety Week
  • 7th-13th
    International Compost Awareness Week
  • 7th May
    World Asthma Day
    World Laughter Day
  • 8th May
    Hana Matsuri (Buddhism)
  • 12th May
    International Nurses Day
    Mother's Day
  • 15th May - 21st May
    National Families Week
  • 15th May
    International Day of Families
    Dinosaur Day
  • 16th May
    International Day of the Boychild
  • 17th May
    National Endangered Species Day
  • 18th May
    International Museum Day
  • 20th May
    World Bee Day
  • 21st May
    International Tea Day
  • 22nd May
    National Simultaneous Storytime
  • 23rd May
    World Turtle Day
    Outdoor Classroom Day
    Austalia’s Biggest Morning Tea
  • 26th May
    National Sorry Day
  • 27th May - 3rd April
    Reconciliation Week


  • 1st June - 30th June
    Pride Month
  • 1st June
    Global Day of Parents
    Butterfly Education and Awareness Day (BEAD)
  • 3rd June
    Mabo Day
  • 5th June
    World Environment Day
  • 7th June
    Doughnut Day
  • 8th June
    World Oceans Day
    National Buddy Day
  • 11th - 13th
    Shavuot (Jewish)
  • 15th June
    Global Wind Day
  • 16th June
    National Vegemite Day
  • 18th June
    National Sushi Day
    International Picnic Day
  • 21st June
    International Day of Yoga
  • 24th June - 30th June
    Insect Week
  • 27th June
    International Sunglasses Day


  • 1st July - 31st July
    Plastic Free July
  • 1st July
    International Reggae Day
    International Joke Day
  • 2nd July - 9th July
    NAIDOC Week
  • 3rd July
    International Plastic Bag Free Day
  • 7th July
    World Chocolate Day
  • 10th July
    Teddybears Picnic
  • 12th July
    Malala Day
  • 16th - 23 July
    Farm Safety Week
  • 16th July
    World Snake Day
  • 17th July
    World Emoji Day
  • 18th July
    Nelson Mandela Day
  • 19th July
    Pyjama Day
  • 21st July
    International Lamington Day
  • 25th July
    National Stepfamily Awareness Day
  • 28th July
    National Tree Day
  • 29th July
    International Tiger Day
  • 30th July
    World Friendship Day
  • 31st July
    World Ranger Day
    National Out-of-School Hour Care Educators Day


  • 1st August -7th August
    World Breastfeeding Week
  • 1st August - 31st August
    Happiness Happens Month
    Platypus Month
  • 4th August
    National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
  • 4th August - 10th August
    Dental Health Week
  • 5th August - 11th August
    Keep Australia Beautiful Week
  • 9th August
    International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
  • 10th August
    World Lion Day
  • 10th - 18th August
    National Science Week
  • 11th August
    Red Nose Day
  • 12th August
    International Youth Day
    World Elephant Day
  • 14th August
    World Lizard Day
  • 17th August - 23rd August
    Book Week
  • 19th
    International Orangutan Day
    World Humanitarian Day
    National Potato Day
  • 31st August
    Daffodil Day


  • 1st September - 30th September
    Foster Care Month
    Biodiversity Month
    Save the Koala Month
    International Children’s Cancer Awareness Month
  • 1st September
    National Wattle Day
    Father’s Day
  • 4th September - 10th September
    National Child Protection Week
    National Superhero Week
  • 4th September
    Early Childhood Educators’ Day
  • 7th September
    Threatened Species Day
    Indigenous Literacy Day
  • 8th September
    International Literacy Day
  • 11th September
    National Bilby Day
  • 12th September
    RUOK Day
  • 16th September
    International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
  • 19th September
    Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • 21st September
    World Gratitude Day
    International Day of Peace
  • 22nd September
    World Rhino Day
  • 23rd September
    International Day Of Sign Languages
  • 28th September
    Save the Koala Day
  • 30th September
    Bravehearts Day


  • 1st October - 31st October
    Dyslexia Awareness Month
  • 1st October
    International Coffee Day
    World Vegetarian Day
  • 2nd October
    Word Farm Animal Day
  • 2nd - 4th
    Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
  • 3rd October - 12th October
    Navaratri - India
  • 4th October - 10th October
    World Space Week
  • 4th October
    National Taco Day
    World Smile Day
  • 5th October
    World Teachers Day
  • 7th October
    Word Habitat Day
    World Cotton Day
  • 7th October - 11th October
    Australian Wildlife Week
  • 9th October
    World Post Day
  • 10th October
    World Mental Health Day
    World Sight Day
  • 11th October
    World Egg Day
  • 15th October
    National Mushroom Day
    Global Handwashing Day
  • 16th October
    World Bread Day
    World Food Day
  • 16th October - 22nd October
    National Nutrition Week
  • 16th October - 20th October
    National Bird Week
    Aussie Backyard Bird Count
    National Water Week
  • 18th October
    Loud Shirt Day
  • 21st October - 29th October
    National Children’s Week
  • 23rd October
    Children's Day
  • 23rd October - 25th October
    Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah (Jewish)
  • 24th October
    World Kangaroo Day
  • 25th October
    World Pasta Day
    Day for Daniel
  • 27th October
    National Grandparents’ Day
  • 31st October


  • 1st November - 30th November
    Movember (Men’s Health Month)
    National Adoption Awareness Month
    World Vegan Day
  • 1st November - 2nd November
    Day of The Dead
  • 1st November
    Diwali (India)
  • 5th November
    Melbourne Cup
  • 6th November - 12th November
    Recycling Week
  • 10th November
    Directors' Day
  • 11th November
    Remembrance Day
  • 11th November - 18th November
    Food Safety Week
  • 14th November
    World Diabetes Day
  • 18th November - 276th November
    Social Inclusion Week
  • 19th
    International Men’s Day
    World Toilet Day
  • 20th November
    Universal Children’s Day
  • 21st November
    World Hello Day
  • 24th November
    National Fairy Bread Day
  • 25th November
    White Ribbon Day


  • 3rd December
    International Day of persons with disabilities
  • 4th December
    International Cookie Day
  • 5th December
    Internation Volunteer Day
  • 10th December
    International Animal Rights Day
    Human Rights Day
  • 11th December
    International Mountain Day
  • 18th December
    International Migrants Day
  • 24th December
    Christmas Eve
  • 25th December
    Christmas Day
  • 25th December - 2nd January
    Chanukah (Jewish)
  • 26th December
    Boxing Day
  • 31st December
    New Year’s Eve

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Note: This is to be used as a general guideline only. These dates may be subject to change.

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