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This template is used to evaluate planned and unplanned experiences which occurred throughout the day. 

Reviewing Practices

Category Reflections

This template is for Educators to review practices within the learning environment.

Reflection Journal

Category Reflections

This template enables Educators to reflect, plan, act and review an issue or topic in order to guide decision-making.

Letting Go

Category Reflections

This template is for Educators who are having a tough day and need to "let go" of any negative thoughts that they may be having. 

10 Minute Reflection

Category Reflections

This template is for Educators to reflect on their day, to give themselves 10 minutes for reflection.

Critical reflection has been explained in the EYLF as reflective practices that focus on implications for equity and social justice. In the context of childcare, it involves examining and analysing events, experiences and practices from a range of perspectives to inform future planning and decision-making. The following article provides information on Engaging In Critical Reflections, Questions For Critical Reflections, Practicing Critical Reflections and more. 

The Reflections In Action Posters provide reminders to educators about the process of reflecting. The posters give educators guidance on the reflection and include what to reflect on when to reflect, how to reflect and reflection recommendations. These are great to add to the staff room for Educators. Reflective practice is learning from everyday situations and issues and concerns that arise which form part of our daily routine while working in an early childhood setting.

As an Educator, it's important to assess and document children's learning. This refers to gathering and analysing information about what children know, can do and understand. It is part of a cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning.

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