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This template is for services to share their Acknowledgment of Country with children and can be incorporated into the morning routine. Incorporating a daily Acknowledgement of the Country is important because it encourages children to engage with diversity and respect.

This template is for Educators to list the books that they have read to the children. This is a great way to keep track of the books that have been read for the month and to record how children like each book. 

This template can be used at the service when doing inventory for the first aid kits. The contents can be listed as well as the expiry date of all the first aid equipment so it's easy to see when an item expires and needs replacing.

This template is for Educators to show how children's learning connects to the outcomes. This template can be used for whole group activities or individual experiences. 

The About Me Display template is for Educators to display information about each individual child within the room. The details added into the About Me Display template will help other Educators know a little more information about the individual child. 

Friday Feedback

Category Reflections

This template is for Educators to share with children to share weekly feedback. 

This is a weekly planner for Educators. 

This template is for Educators to share resources with each other.

This is a letter to Parents to encourage them to donate a book to the centre on their child's birthday. 

The following is a birthday display poster.

Child Care Documentation App

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