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Secret Santa - Forms and Checklists

This template is to be used for Secret Santa within the workplace.

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  • Updated on: 17 October 2021
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Settings: LDC, FDC, OOSH
  • Framework: General
  • Type: Free
  • Format: pdf

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Secret Santa Overview:

Secret Santa is a free template. It is for services that do this tradition in the work place with their staff during Christmas. Each Educator takes one template and fills it out for themselves and add their names in Chosen Giftee and includes answers to the points asked. Each template is placed in an envelope and drawn at random by co-workers who then chooses a gift for their chosen giftee. 

This template includes: 

  • Text Box For Chosen Giftee 
  • Date For Gift Giving 
  • 14 Text Boxes For Answers 


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