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Change Of Clothes - Forms and Checklists

This template is for Educators to let Parents know that their child has had a change of clothes.

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  • Updated on: 17 April 2021
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Settings: LDC, FDC, OOSH
  • Framework: General
  • Type: Premium
  • Format: pdf, word

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Change Of Clothes Overview:

The Change Of Clothes template is for Educators to let Parents know when their child has been changed out of their clothes. This template can be taped to the bag with dirty clothes and put into the child's cubby. It also reminds the parent to bring in a new set of clothes that can be kept at the centre. 

This template includes: 

  • 2 Text Field (child's name) 
  • Checkbox (for the reason why)
  • Text Field (Educators Name) 
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