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Have You Filled A Bucket Today is a free story that children can download and read. This story talks to young children about being kind using a simple analogy to teach young children about kindness. Everybody has invisible buckets from birth. We experience happiness when our bucket is full and sadness when it is empty. When we contribute to others' buckets being filled, the magic begins. 

This template is for Educators to describe how a child displays kindness in their own unique way. 

The Showing Kindness Posters display colourful images in different ways children can show kindness. It's important to include and encourage kindness every day in the learning environment and these posters are visual cues hugely helpful in reinforcing acts of kindness.

Gratitude makes the children more positive, and optimistic and also gives more strong social connections. Gratitude helps the child to relish good memories and gives strength to fight with all the odds and adversity in life. The following article provides information on the Benefits of Learning Gratitude, Strategies To Teach Children Gratitude and more. 

As Educators all over the world find out every day, there are certain life skills which fundamentally determine how well children will learn within their learning environment. One of the most important life skills children learn to develop is kindness.

Feel Good Feb is dedicated to saying thanks, expressing gratitude, and promoting good deeds and random acts of kindness.

This template is to detail each child's kindness acts.

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