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This is a New Year template that can be used as a portfolio template.

My Book Of Art

Category Child Portfolios

This is a 9 page template used to showcase a child's artwork that can be added to a child's portfolio or laminated and created as a book to give to families. 

This template is to record the child’s memories of their Last Day of School. 

The Progress of Outcomes template is used to record the outcomes the child has met throughout the year.

"I’m Going to Big School" template is for all the pre-school children moving onto Kindergarten next year.

The School Open Day template is a display poster that can be used to provide information to families in the preschool room on any school open days that the parents can attend, within the surrounding areas which they may be interested in enrolling their child in the next year.

The Transition To School Statement template gives important information to the child's school teacher to support the child have a successful start to school.

This template is used as a keepsake of the children's Christmas concert at your centre.

An end of year questionnaire template for a child to reflect back on the year. 

This template is to be added into a child's portfolio as a keepsake of their friends within the service.

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