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Making Memories

Category Child Portfolios

This template can be used as a keepsake and can be included for each individual child at the end of the year.

This weekly learning plan template is used to list the experiences the children will participate in during the week.

Book Of The Day

Category Reflections

This template is used to detail about the book that the educator reads during group time.

This 2 page template is used to describe and evaluate the experiences the children participated in for the day.

This template is another method of observing children and can be used by educators in LDC, FDC and OOSH settings.

This template is to be added into a child's portfolio as a keepsake of their friends within the service.

Friendship Day

Category Child Portfolios

This template is used as a keepsake to celebrate International Day Of Friendship. 

This child ob template is to be used as a photo observation record, while completing individual observations.

This template is used to record funny comments children say.

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