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Your child is about to enter one of the most important parts of their lives... "School"! All children from the age of 5 (depending on your state and school requirements throughout Australia) begin school. It's an exciting time for both you and your child as you enter a new phase in life. For most parents the transition to school can be a little difficult and sad as they watch their little child enter a whole new world.

“I haven’t got any homework”… How many times has your child come home from school and said that? Unfortunately, most children think that homework is a chore, a complete waste of time. According to a lot of children they feel like if they have to sit and do homework there will be no time for playing or watching television. In some cases, just trying to get your child to do their homework is a constant struggle. Then there are other issues such as too much homework, too little homework and even as a parent not being able to understand the homework…argh it’s just HOMEWORK and schools understand the importance for children to play and have leisure activities outside school hours.

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