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This template is to celebrate Easter with young children at the service. It's a simple template for young children to add their footprints inside the bunny. It can be given to Parents as a momento.

This template is for families to do at home with their child and to give it back to the Educators at the service in order to create an Easter Egg Tree to celebrate Easter. 

Easter is just around the corner. What can be easier to make them learn about Easter and Easter eggs than to play with them? Playing and learning are always associated with each other. Learning through playing makes children curious about the thing and easily they can remember the lesson. Here are some simple games with plastic easter eggs that can be played with children. 

The Bunny Shapes Match is a simple shape matching activity for children. Children have to choose the correct shape carrot to match the correct online for the corresponding shape. These can be laminated and used with the shapes provided or even as playdough mats. A cute Easter activity.

This interesting clay dough egg making art is perfect for making easter eggs that will stay with you forever. You can make anything out of this clay dough. Of course, you need to put in some extra effort to make this clay dough. And this can be done only when you have at least a couple of days’ time with you as the dough needs to dry for a day after giving them the shape. If you find the process of making the clay dough to be tedious, you can give white polymer clay a try.

The Bunny Tails Colour Match enables children to match the correct tail onto the matching coloured bunny. This is great for children learning to recognise colours and also able to identify colours. Using the Bunny Tails Colour Match printables children will be able to identify primary and secondary colours.

Easter is in the air! So why not make some bunnies with our little bunnies? Here is a wonderful way of making bunnies out of socks and the best part is it is a no-sew bunny!

Easter Egg Tracing Lines aims to help children in the development of pre-writing skills. It provides children with the ability to use cognitive development, observations, and hand-eye coordination and encourages the child to draw in a specific direction. As a child practice tracing over these lines through copying and tracing this will give them the confidence and ability to write letters and numbers correctly.

The Easter Egg Pattern Colouring provides a different pattern on each egg. This can be used in a variety of ways such as children's painting, colouring or using collage items for each pattern. Each egg pattern can be laminated and used with playdough and it can also be used for a variety of different experiences.

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