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Easter is on the 9th of April. It is primarily a family celebration with Easter egg hunts, chocolate Easter bunnies and colourful eggs. Christians celebrate the victory of life over death with the resurrection of Jesus and thus the central event of their religion. The following provides free Printables and Activities that will enable you to celebrate Easter at your service and activities that can be implemented into the curriculum for children.

Bunny Number Counting is a simple counting activity for children to match the bunnies to the correct number background. This activity is great for number recognition, for children learning their numbers, for one-to-one correspondence and more.

Easter Egg Alphabet Match enables children to go on an "easter egg hunt" and find the correct matching letter to add to their Easter basket. This is a great way for children to learn and recognise letters of the alphabet.

Easter Egg Colouring Pages can be used in a variety of ways such as children's painting, colouring or using collage items for each pattern. Each egg pattern can be laminated and used with playdough and it can also be used for a variety of different experiences.

The Easter Basket Colour Match is a colour-matching activity that enables children to match the correct colour eggs to the correct colour basket. This activity is great for children learning primary and secondary colours and colour recognition and learning colours.

Easter Bunny Shapes Matching enables children to match the correct shape to the Easter bunny egg. This helps children to recognise and identify different shapes. Tese also can be laminated and used as playdough mats where children have to fill in the shape with coloured playdough. 

Easter Egg Tracing Dots enables children to trace the dots to complete the Easter Egg. These are great for children to develop their pre-writing skills and for hand-eye coordination.

This template is to celebrate Easter with young children at the service. It's a simple template for young children to add their footprints inside the bunny. It can be given to Parents as a momento.

This template is for families to do at home with their child and to give it back to the Educators at the service in order to create an Easter Egg Tree to celebrate Easter. 

Easter is just around the corner. What can be easier to make them learn about Easter and Easter eggs than to play with them? Playing and learning are always associated with each other. Learning through playing makes children curious about the thing and easily they can remember the lesson. Here are some simple games with plastic easter eggs that can be played with children. 

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