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Growing Vegetables Indoors In Water

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Growing Vegetables Indoors In Water Balcony Garden Web

Easily grow 9 kinds of vegetables in water indoors using vegetable offcuts. Children will enjoy the anticipation, curiosity and interest while growing their own vegetables.  The following article lists vegetables that grow in water indoors. 

Carrot Greens

Put them in a shallow container of water in a bright spot to regrow the carrot greens. Keep changing the water every other day and in a few days, you’ll be able to see tiny green leaves.

Green Onion

A sunny windowsill, transparent jar or glass, and green onion bulbs.

Bok Choy

To regrow again, cut the base of the stem and place this in a small bowl of water. It’s that simple! You will see how the new growth begins in only 2 days.


To grow again, use the base. Place that in a small bowl of water. It will grow back in 3 or 4 days. Young leaves can be used again or plant it if you have a small pot.


Take a fennel bulb and set it in a cup or small bowl of clear water, a level of water should be at the level of the bulb. Keep the bowl in a spot that receives some sun and change the water in every couple of days.


Cut the leaves at about 1 inch from the bottom. Place the remaining stem in a shallow dish of water (about 1/2 inch). Now place that on a windowsill or under grow lights. Change water in a bowl every 1 to 2 days.


Get the lemongrass stalks and keep them in water in a bright spot that receives some sun, changes the water every day, and watch as new leaves begin growing almost immediately. The roots start emerging after a week, and the stalk eventually divides itself (via offshoot stalks) after a few weeks. You can either use it or transplant that in a pot.


Find a garlic clove with green sprout and keep it in a glass. Fill the water up to the level of clove. In 2-3 days the sprout will start to grow and the clove will produce roots. When the sprouts are 3 inches in height, you can cut it for use leaving 1/3 of the shoot.

Beet Greens

To regrow, slice off the top portion of beet with a knife. Take no more than one-third of the beet. Fill a glass, mug or bowl with water. Place the beet top into the water, with the cut side facing downward. Set the glass on a windowsill, counter or table that is close to the window, so the beet top will receive adequate sunlight.

Further Reading

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Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 3 year+
  • Number of Children: Individual (1), Couple (2), Few (3), Small Group (4)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    Following directions

    Use provided resources 

    Listen and ask questions interact with peers and educator

    Work with others and share resources


  • Play Based Learning: Sensory Play
  • Interest Areas: Science and Nature, Sensory Play
  • Games Categories: Cognitive Development, Learning Games, Sensory Games
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 1, Learning Outcome 2, Learning Outcome 3, Learning Outcome 4
  • Sub Outcomes:

    1. Developing knowledge and self-confidence through new skills development

    2. Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

    3. Developing social and emotional well-being and creating a sense of achievement by working together with educators and/or peers and developing fine motor skills manipulating seeds and decoration materials

    4. Using senses to investigate natural and processed materials

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