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Outdoor Curriculum Planning template

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Outdoor Curriculum Planning template

The Outdoor Plan template assists educators in LDC, FDC and OOSH settings, to plan experiences for children to engage in during outdoor play and supports educators to focus on experiences that supports the children's learning. 

"Outdoor environments support all aspects of children’s learning and invite conversations between children, early childhood educators... They promote opportunities for sustained shared thinking and collaborative learning." - E.Y.L.F

This template enables educators to create an outdoor environment that is comfortable, interesting, attractive and appropriate for the children by helping educators to organise the outdoor experiences based on Physical Play, Connecting with Nature, Learning and Development. 

Outdoor play has more to offer than just "letting off steam". Planning shouldn't be based on the activity (something the children can do), they should be planned for so children may gain from the experience.

Click here to download: Outdoor Plan

Happy Planning!

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