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Welcome to our Brand New Site!

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Welcome to our Brand New Site!

Dear Aussie Childcare Network Users, 

The wait is finally over! Our new Aussie Childcare Network site is here! I welcome you with open arms to our brand new site! I have been waiting more than a year to say this to you and today I’m so proud to finally invite you to check out how we have transformed Aussie Childcare Network! Please have a browser so you can see for yourself what changes we have made. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Changes That Affect You  

For all existing users of Aussie Childcare Network I would like to provide you with some information on the updates and changes that you may need to be aware of so you can be prepared. This will ensure you have a pleasant experience while browsing our site. The updates and changes include:

  • Domain Name – We are now using ‘.au’ Domain name for Aussie Childcare Network which also validates us as an Australian website. Therefore, remember to update your bookmarked pages to instead of We have placed proper redirection of our old urls to the new .au site address but we still request our users to update their links to “” so the pages are rendered faster as there is no need to redirect.
  • Latest Web Browser Installed - Since we have used the latest web development techniques while creating the new site, please ensure you have the latest modern web browser installed on your device. My suggestion is Google Chrome. Even if you use other browsers, make sure you are using the latest version of that browser. We have dropped support for all older browsers so the site will not work properly if you are using any older web browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you are using version 9 or over. Just remember to use the current browser version available in order to gain the best browsing experience. 
  • For All Our Donators - Premium Plans for Donors have now been changed to Subscription plans. If you are an existing donator you have automatically been transferred to our Professional Premium Subscription Plan valued at $50. This enables you download access for the next 6 months. You are welcome to upgrade at any time. 
  • Changed Passwords after 11 Jan – If you are a user who recently changed your account password after 11th January 2015, you will need to reset your password again on the new site. You can easily do this yourself by going to this link.
  • Regular Newsletters – From here on, I will be providing you with more regular updates on the happenings of the site. We will constantly be adding more contents than before throughout the different areas of the site. Printables, Templates, Articles and Activities will all be updated regularly providing you with more new content. In saying this, you will be receiving more newsletter notification updates to your email address, notifying you of the new content.  You can now manage your newsletter subscription and choose which types of information you would like to receive notifications and updates on. So, remember to check this feature out so you can be notified on what interests you. Click here to manage Newsletter subscriptions

What’s New?

It’s hard for me to cover all the new features of our website within this announcement topic since there are so many changes and improvements added. Here are a few new features that you will find noticeably different within the site besides the overall layout and design:

  • New Subscription Plans For Templates – We have now introduced a 6 month (Professional) and 12 month (Business) Subscription plans for downloading and accessing our Premium EYLF templates. Professional Subscription Plans include 6 months download access of all the templates including MS word and is for personal use only. Business Subscription Plans include 12 months download access including MS Word and is available for commercial use for up to 3 educators. Once downloaded, you can continue using our templates forever.  Click here for more info.
  • Responsive Design – For your browsing pleasure Aussie Childcare Network can now be browsed from any device on any width. Ipads, tablets, computers, laptops and mobiles, the site will beautifully adapt itself to your screen to fit onto whatever screen size you are viewing from.  This is an important feature we wanted to incorporate in our new site to make sure that you can view and browse our site from anywhere at work or at home. 
  • New Community Feature –My Network” feature from our old site has been scrapped and replaced with much improved “Community” feature. The Community feature is a full-fledged social network which will enable you to communicate and network with other students and educators. You can build your own social network in Aussie Childcare Network site itself with other Educators and Students from Australia. This is going to be a powerful feature and I am sure all our users are going to absolutely love this! I’m very excited with this new feature and hope this provides a great way to network with others within early childhood education. 
  • New Activities Page – We decided to create a separate Activities section which focuses on Games and Activities that can be utilised for both educators, parents and will be helpful for students as well. In here the Activities we have listed (from babies to school age) cover a range of different experiences. Games, Art and Craft, Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Cooking Activities are all included and nicely categorized. 
  • Wiki Renamed To Articles – The Aussie Childcare Network Wiki has now been changed to “Articles” section featured on this site. This covers a wide range of topics within early childhood education, development, childcare articles, childcare programming, student articles and articles on learning and care. The information in each of these articles are based on current research, knowledge and practical experience.  When writing these articles we find it necessary to include simple to understand information that is easy to follow and is meaningful. 
  • New Logo – Apart from changing our website to ‘.au’ domain, a new style and new structure, Aussie Childcare Network also has a brand new Logo. This logo was created with our vision of what Aussie Childcare Network represents. 

There is so much more that I want to share with you since there has been so many changes and updates but for now I urge you to go and explore and browse for yourself. Only then you can understand the full scope of what has been developed and improved upon within the new site. 

I am so happy to be able to finally say “Welcome to Our New Site” and I really hope you use Aussie Childcare Network to its full potential! 


Last modified on Friday, January 30, 2015
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