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Anti Spam Measures

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Anti Spam Measures

Hi Everyone, 

Over the past few days, there has been a few persistent spammers who have been misusing our forum to post their spams on our site. Although we already have many anti-spam measures put in place and proactively delete all spam posts from our site, some of them still continue to get through. As a result, we have made a few changes to the forum post permissions.

Starting from now, forum posts that are created by all new users in this site will be placed on a moderation queue. Meaning, when a new user creates a new topic or submits a forum post, their post will not be visible to others until they are manually approved by a moderator. As a result, there can be a delay before these new posts shows up in our forum until they are approved by us. Unfortunately it does add additional work for us and delay for you but we need to take these steps since the persistent misusage of these spammers are getting more than just annoying.

Please note that these changes will only apply to new users registering from now on and only to your first forum post which will be moderated to confirm you are not a spammer. After that, you won't have these restrictions anymore and you can post freely. 

How you can help us:

If you do notice any Spam users contacting you via Private Message or Email from this website, please do report them to us straight away so we can delete these Spam accounts from our site. We try our best to filter out the spammers as much as we could but still some human spammers persistently comes through and misuse this site features which really disappoints us to see. We don't monitor private conversations so if any spammers do contact you through this site, please do notify us. You will remain anonymous and it will help us prevent these spammers from affecting the reputation of our website that we work so hard to build.

I really appreciate your understanding on this. 

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