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Improved Educator to Child Ratios

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Improved Educator to Child Ratios Parker Knight

As of the 01 January 2016 new ratio requirements have been put in place across Australia (except TAS & WA). 

These new ratio changes are for the better. Giving more opportunities for qualified students to gain employment opportunities and for services to bridge the gap and create better working conditions for their employees. It takes a huge load off our shoulders knowing that finally these ratios will give us time to engage and focus our attention to each individual child within our care, providing families with the high quality care that is expected!

The following article New Educator To Child Ratios In Early Childhood Services provides the new educator to child ratio for each state and territory within Australia and also provides options on how services can meet the new ratio requirements. 

Click here to read the article: New Educator To Child Ration Early Childhood Services

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