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Phonemes are the basic units of a spoken language and awareness that language is composed of these small sounds is termed phonemic awareness. The following article provides strategies for building phonemic awareness in young children. 

The Developmental Sequence Of Phonological Skills Posters gives examples of the key stages of specific phonological awareness. These are great to display in the writing and reading area and for Educators to understand the sequence of phonological skills.

The Beginning Letter Sounds Posters show each individual letter of the alphabet and matching pictures for each letter. These are great to use with children during circle time when introducing phonics and to add into book corner.

The Alphabet Stew Poem Posters is a letter sound recognition game that can be played with children during group time. Cut out the letters provided and add them to the "witches' brew". After saying the Alphabet Stew poem, choose a child to choose a letter to recognise and the sound it makes. This is great for phonics and identifying letters.

The First Sounds Match Up is a great phonics activity for children to sound out the letter and match the picture to the correct letter sound. This is a great way for children to begin learning letter sounds and for children to begin learning phonics.

The Blank Letters Beginning Sounds Worksheets enable children to circle the correct letter sounds for each picture out of the 3 letter options and then write the beginning sound in the blank space These worksheets will help children to see the picture and sound out the picture name in order to hear the first sound of the word to select. This is great to start teaching children the sounds letters make in different words.

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