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Gingerbread Letter Match enables children to match the correct gingerbread to its house. This is great for children learning letters and for children to begin letter recognition.

Christmas Colour Match enables children to match the same colour objects under the correct colour Christmas tree. This is an excellent activity for children learning colours and sorting and categorising things based on colours.

Gingerbread House Numbers Find and Colour is a number recognition game where children need to find the matching number from the gingerbread house door. Once they find the correct matching number children can colour it in. This is a great number recognition game and helps children to identify numbers.

Christmas Symmetry Tracing supports children to draw and explore symmetrical patterns and designs based on a Christmas theme. Children can trace the light half of the drawing by themselves to complete the image. 

As from Monday, December 5 until Saturday, December 24, children will get the chance to talk with Santa, Mrs Claus or one of the Elves.

ELF Cutting Practice encourages children to practice their cutting skills by cutting different types of lines. This will help children in their fine motor skills and their hand/eye coordination.

My Christmas Sweater encourages children to create their own Christmas sweaters by following the number task cards. Children are given number task cards and a blank sweater. Each task card has pictures and the amount the pictures should be placed on the sweater, thus creating a Christmas sweater. This is great for children to recognise numbers and to practice counting.

Christmas Tree 10 Frames enables children to recognise the number on the tree and to add the correct number of presents in the 10 frame. A ten frame is a simple tool for teaching Math. They help children to develop number sense and early Numeracy skills.

Christmas Tracing consists of Christmas pictures that a child can trace over and then they continue on to decorate and colour the picture. The skill of tracing over different lines or shapes is called pattern writing. As a child practice pattern writing by copying and tracing lines and shapes, this will give them the confidence and the ability to write letters and numbers correctly.

Christmas Cut and Paste enable children to practice their cutting skills by cutting out the pieces to create the Christmas picture. Educators can also laminate these and cut them out and children can piece them together like a puzzle to create a Christmas picture.

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