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Colour Matching Sort enables children to match the colour objects to the correct colour mats. This is great for colour recognition and for children learning colours. 

Bird House Colour Match enables children to match the correct colour bird to the correct colour birdhouse. This is a great for children to sort coloured birds based on colours and to identify primary and secondary colours.

Recycling Bin Colour Matching enables children to recognise and match colours by matching the correct colour emblem to the coloured recycling bin. This is great for colour recognition.

Pizza Colour Match supports children to recognise primary and secondary colours by sorting the correct colour pizza ingredients with the corresponding pizza. These are great to use with colour bears. This helps children to learn colours and to understand colour classification.

The Colour Mixing Posters display the final colour when two different colours are mixed together. These are great to display in the art/painting area for children to refer to and to identify colours.

Colour Sorting Cut and Paste provide children with colour sorting cards for primary and secondary colours. Children can cut out the matching objects and paste them onto the correct colour sorting cards. This is great for children learning their primary and secondary colours.

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