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Build A Fruit Salad Cut and Paste enables children to cut out the pieces of fruit  of their choice and create their own fruit salad.  The Build A Fruit Salad Set helps children with their cutting skills as they cut out ingredients of their choice. 

This can also be laminated and pre-cut and used with playdough etc. 

These fruit colouring pages enable children to develop good pencil grip as they practice holding a pencil while colouring. Children also develop their hand eye coordination and support children to concentrate and focus.

These flashcards include inside and outside of fruits. This will help children identify the inside of a particular fruit and to match it with the correct outside of the same fruit. This will enable children to practice their visual skills and their ability to match corresponding fruits.

This activity requires children to match halves of fruit together. By doing this activity children will develop their visual discrimination by choosing the correct half to match, hand eye coordination, awareness of different fruits and cognitive development. These can also be cut and laminated for children to match.

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Flashcards of vegetables, herbs and spices

Flashcards of numbers, number words and corresponding fruits & vegetables 1 to 20

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