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Tisket Tasket Rhyming Basket Posters is a rhyming game that can be played with children during group time. Sing the rhyme and pick a child to choose two pictures to put into the rhyming basket. This can also be done as a group activity.

Pizza Pizza Full Of Cheese is a circle time rhyme for children to recognise, letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and numbers. After saying the Pizza rhyme, a child is chosen to choose a pizza to say its letter or number. This continues until each child has had a turn. This rhyme is great for Eudcators to use to introduce letters and numbers.

Rhyme Bubbles

The Rhyme Bubbles printables are great for children who are beginning to read. Children read the word on the bathtub and find the matching rhyming bubble. These can also be used with preschoolers. During group time, Educators can read out the word and options and children can call out the matching rhyming word. This is great for children to develop their literacy skills.

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