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Animal Tracing Dots enables children to trace the dots to complete the animal picture. These are great for children to develop their pre-writing skills and for hand-eye coordination.

The Animals Alphabet Posters provide the name and image of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. These are great to display within the learning environment and for children to recognise the names of different animals and the letter they start with.

Animal Shadow Matching encourages children to examine the different shapes of various objects and match them to their correct shadows. It helps children with visual memory and enables children to sort based on the similarity and differences of different objects.

Encourage children to learn the names of 8 Australian Animals with these vocabulary worksheets. Children will enjoy identifying and learning the names of the animal in the picture and tracing over each letter to write its name. A great school readiness activity for preschoolers to practice their writing skills and to learn new vocabulary!

Flashcards of numbers, number words and corresponding animals 1 to 20

Worksheets of cutting out pictures of animals

Worksheets of counting animals 1 to 10

Worksheets of writing alphabet upper and lower case letters a to z - animals theme

Worksheets of comprehension on animals which includes interesting animals facts and 10 comprehension questions.

Colouring pages of polar animals

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