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Reggio Emilia Evolve Employees Reward Program Includes Day Spas and Weekends Away

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Reggio Emilia Evolve Employees Reward Program Includes Day Spas and Weekends Away

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre has come up with details of its staff reward program known as Evolve Employee Rewards, benefits and rewards that will be provided to all the employees around its 12 campuses. 

The Evolve program was started as a small way to express thanks to all Educators of their early learning services. Soon, it has evolved to offer gym membership, a fifty per cent discount for educators who attend children, accommodation for weekend trips, spa trips, and many more. 

Managing Director Nasser Benjamin said that it is difficult to find great employees. They are always in search of ambitious educators and always like to thank them by rewarding them. He also said that his organisation will always make sure about the wellbeing of the educators and they always would always take the upper hand to support and nurture their team to exceed the standards of early education in Australia. 

 The Evolve programme has been designed in a way so that every staff member is able to receive different rewards including:

 Rewards for all Employees

  • Daily meals at the centre
  • Fully funded gym memberships
  • 50 per cent off child care fees
  • Partially funded University studies
  • Partially funded traineeship courses
  • Team nights out

 Rewards for Early Childhood Teachers

  • Fee helps towards any HECS loan
  • Above award rates of pay
  • Fully funded on-going training seminars

Rewards for Room Leaders/Educational Leaders and 2IC’s

  • Leadership workshops
  • Exceeding centre bus tours
  • Weekend away accommodation
  • Fruit box rewards
  • Gold class movie package rewards
  • Day spa rewards
  • Childcare workshops
  • Funded day out with family or concert tickets

 Centre Managers

  • Additional leave
  • Cash travel allowances
  • All of the rewards from the tiers above

Employees also expressed their likeness, gratitude and fondness towards the company after receiving rewards. The recognition, rewards, staff satisfaction, high-level productivity make the Evolve program successful.

For more information: Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre

Last modified on Saturday, March 12, 2022
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