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Octo-Prams Used By Educators For Taking Children On Outings and Excursions

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Octo-Prams Used By Educators For Taking Children On Outings and Excursions Guardian Early Learning Group

Guardian Early Learning Group has recently introduced octo-prams throughout their 90+ centres around Australia.

Octo-prams are eight-seater prams for babies from 6 months old to children up to 6 years old. The prams have undergone comprehensive safety tests. It boasts a 27kg frame is well-balanced light to push. Mounted onto this frame are all the safety features including straps, head bars and supports that keep even the youngest child sage.

Nicki Garrett, Head of Business Development at Guardian Early Learning Group Garrett explains "the 8-seater pram allows even our youngest children to safely participate in the rich learning experiences that excursions provide and build a broader understanding of their place in the community as well as the opportunity to experience new and unique experiences."

Specially imported by the Guardian Early Learning Group from the US, the prams are an important part of their Out and About program which helps to connect the children who attend the centres to the community around them. It also helps the children to see local sites - be they parks, galleries, libraries or even the local cafe - as an extension of their community.

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