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National Recycling Week From 8 to 14 November 2021

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National Recycling Week From 8 to 14 November 2021

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week is being held from 8 to 14 November 2021. It's important to support children to be active learners within the environment to ensure they understand why we need to recycle.

Talking about recycling also provides the opportunity for children to learn about where products come from. How they are made. And how they can be reused.

Here are some simple experiences, to start with:

Composting - Show children that food waste can be recycled too. Create a compost bin where children’s meal leftovers can be deposited. Make it part of your daily routine to empty scraps into the compost bin and periodically transfer its contents into an outdoor composter. Use this opportunity to teach children about the composting process and how food can be recycled into nutrient-rich soil.

Create a Recycling Centre - Using plastic recycling bins or cardboard boxes, create a recycling centre within your room. Get preschoolers involved in labelling, decorating and setting up the recycling bins in the room. As you label each box with plastic, paper, metal and cardboard, explain the types of items that might go in each one. Invite children to start sorting recyclables and continue to sort the items they use every day.

Reuse Recycled Materials for Art and Craft Projects - Setup a shelf where recycled materials can be stored. Children can choose what they want to use and create with.
This is also a great opportunity to discuss other ways we can care for the environment by reducing what we use, reusing what we can, and recycling.

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For more information: National Recycling Week

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