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This template is to be used to detail the child's progress over the course of the year. It's great to share with families to let them know specifically how their child developed and the new skills they learnt. It can also be used as a Transition Statement for the child to be shared with the school teacher. 

As Educators, there will be many instances where you will need to write about a child's behaviour. For a behaviour management plan, assessments, half-yearly or yearly reports and more. The following lists descriptive words and their meaning that can be used to describe a child's behaviour.

When completing either a half-yearly or yearly reports, its main purpose is to inform parents of their child's progress and achievements thus far. Your comments should be constructive, insightful and original.

As Educators, one of the main responsibilities is completing documentation for each child. Whether it will be completing an observation, writing a report or even communicating with parents everything needs to be written.

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