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Time and again, meaningful friendships have been linked to positive life outcomes. However, in early childhood, peer connections become even more important since it is while playing with each other that the most joyful learning happens. The following article provides information on early childhood friendships, their benefits and how educators can support children to develop and maintain them.

I Am A Friend

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This template is for children to tell how they are a friend. 

What Makes A Good Friend are posters that display the characteristics of being a good friend. These can be used as a display within the room or as part of a discussion with the children. These can also be used during Children's Week to encourage children to understand how they can be a good friend. 

Children can practice their cutting skills by creating a Friendship Bracelet. Choose a Friendship Bracelet that children can cut out, colour, design and create (by gluing both ends together). They can wear it themselves or gift it to someone special. This is a fun way to get children to practice cutting out all different shapes.

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