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Where to post what

Postby admin » Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:00 pm

Dear Members,

Welcome to Aussie Childcare Network. Before posting on AussieChildcareNetwork.com Forum, please make sure to choose the appropriate forum. This will increase the probability to receive an answer.

Below is a list of the forums on this site with their respective descriptions. Posting in the wrong forum will result in your topic not being seen by the people who can contribute to it best, so please be sure to choose the forum that best fits your needs.


These forums are for Childcare Workers, Early Childhood Professionals and Teachers.

  • Childcare Programming and Documentations - This is a support forum for Early Childhood Professionals to discuss topics related to Childcare Programming, EYLF programming and planning, implementing EYLF in LDC, OOSH or FDC centre, Managing Paperworks, Online EYLF Tools, Childcare Documentations, help with Learning Stories, Daily Diary, Child Observations, Curriculum Plans and more.. You can ask questions or share experiences, ideas or techniques that worked for you in managing childcare documentations.

  • Supporting Childcare Workers At Work - This is a support forum for Early Childhood Professionals to discuss issues and concerns at work. You can share your experiences and ideas, discuss work related problems, work ethics, dealing with parents, room management and more..

  • Experiences In Childcare - Share your work experiences, have a rant, discuss concerns, get advice for work problems, discuss work issues, etc.

  • Career In Childcare - This is a discussion forum for questions regarding career in childcare such as getting started in childcare, childcare wages, work placements, becoming a teacher, job interviews, getting a job in childcare, advise for trial, how to open your own childcare centre and more..

  • Teaching Children - This is a discussion forum on techniques for teaching children, room set-up ideas for childcare, pre-school, toddlers and babies rooms, strategies for teaching preschoolers, preparing child ready for school, Montessori method, teaching techniques that worked for you, supporting child's learning development and more..

  • Children's Behaviour - Support forum for childcare professionals and teachers to discuss concerns regarding children behaviour and dealing with misbehaving child at your centre. Tips and techniques on child behaviour, how to discipline your child at the centre, guiding childrens behaviour, toddler behaviour, preschoolers behaviour, ideas to encourage positive behaviour, building positive relationships with children and more..

  • Kids Games & Activities - Forum to share a range of kids games and activities.


These forums are for Students doing their Early Childhood Studies.


These forums are for parents and future parents to share issues and concerns in relation to pregnancy, parenting and early childhood development.

  • Pregnancy - This is a discussion forum for all issues and concerns about Pregnancy, Pregnancy FAQs, Pregnancy concerns, Pregnancy Support, questions on pregnancy diet, exercises, working when pregnant, pregnancy care, preparing for a baby, tips for help with morning sickness, pain during labour, breathing and relaxation techniques, breast feeding and more..

  • Parenting FAQ - Support Forum for parents to discuss parenting issues, parenting tips, parenting babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, parenting help & advise, share experiences, toilet training kids, how to start your baby on solid foods, toddler sleeping problems, your child's health issues, supporting and caring children with health problems, helping children with special needs and more..Collaborate with parents and childcare professionals throughout Australia and worldwide..

  • Ask A Childcare Professional - Support forum for Parents to collaborate with childcare professionals to answer your questions or concerns. Simply ask a childcare professional on any issues or concerns you may have about your child and childcare..


This a general discussion forum.

  • General Discussions - This is a "Bonus" forum for General Discussions with other AussieChildcareNetwork.com users on topics that that are not covered in the above forums. While we would like to encourage all types of discussions, please note that this is not an "Anything-goes"-forum. Forum Rules and General Discussion Rules applies.

Enjoy browsing Aussie Childcare Network!

PS: Recommended Reading - How to Post A Question (or) Create a New Topic in Forum

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