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Anecdotal Record

Anecdotal Record

This template is used as an anecdotal record to use as part of a child's observations.

Child Observations March 4, 2015

Child Daily Information Sheet

Child Daily Information Sheet

A template used to record information about a child's day which can be shared to parents.  

Forms and Checklists December 29, 2014

My Tree Of Strengths

My Tree Of Strengths

This template is used to record a child's strengths through a goal they have achieved.

Child Portfolios February 11, 2015

Pin The Lips On Mrs Valentine

Pin The Lips On Mrs Valentine

A twist on an old favourite, for children to celebrate Valentines Day. 

Games and Activities February 6, 2015

A bit sad with the outcome of the FDC Family...
Today, 08:14 by linsaa fdc (8 replies)

Baby Room
Today, 05:04 by Lorina (2 replies)

Today, 00:26 by Vanessa Allaway (1 reply)

Professional knowledge that informs/guides...
Yesterday, 22:04 by Miche (1 reply)

CHCECE003 - Promote physical activity
Yesterday, 19:50 by bornnbrednz (3 replies)

Yesterday, 18:23 by Oopie13 (4 replies)

What To Expect During A Phone Interview
Yesterday, 18:03 by Rachana (6 replies)

CHCECE004- case study 4
Yesterday, 17:01 by Ebony (1 reply)

CHCECE019&CHCORG506E- work environment
Yesterday, 16:48 by Lisa Higgins (3 replies)

CHCECE004- Easter egg hunt.
Yesterday, 16:32 by Ebony (2 replies)

Educator Articles

Reflective Practices In Childcare

Reflective Practices In Childcare

Reflective practice is learning from everyday situations and issues and concerns that arise which form part of our daily routine while working in an early childhood setting. It’s about reflecting not only about what happened but why. It also guides our decision making. It forces us to analyse different aspects of...

Student Articles

Working While Studying

Working While Studying

As you take the next big step and decide to continue studying you need to decide whether you will be able to manage working at the same time as well. For most of you, working and studying is the only option as financially this will support you in managing costs...

Parent Articles

ADHD In Children

ADHD In Children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychiatric disorder of the neurodevelopmental type in which there are significant problems of attention and/or hyperactivity and acting impulsively that are not appropriate for a person's age. These symptoms must begin by age six to twelve and be present for more than six...

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