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Requirements for Early Childhood Teacher…

Under the National Quality Framework, it is a requirement to have Early Childhood Teachers (ECT’s) within...

Childcare Articles July 27, 2017

Friendship Day - Circle

This template is to share in a child's portfolio as a reminder of the friends they have...

Child Portfolios July 25, 2017

5 Little Snowmen Standing In A Row

Five little snowmen standing in a row. Each had a hat and a big red bow. Out came...

Rhymes and Songs July 22, 2017

Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wag…

When working as a qualified Early Childhood Teacher (with a university degree) within a service, your...

Childcare Articles July 20, 2017

Yesterday, 21:42 by Italian_princess (1 reply)

Not sure if I'm ready
Yesterday, 20:53 by a9898 (11 replies)

Has anyone else been made to feel guilty...
Yesterday, 15:09 by Miss_Blue (3 replies)

Educator wages
Yesterday, 15:05 by Kaku1 (2 replies)

Glossary Terms From The Big Picture
26.07.2017, 23:29 by Lorina (5 replies)

CHCLEG001 Working legally and ethically
26.07.2017, 22:08 by Yolanda (2 replies)

activites to do FASD
26.07.2017, 21:46 by Yolanda (1 reply)

children’s individual dietary needs
26.07.2017, 20:41 by Susana86 (1 reply)

Do I have to change my hours? Help please.
26.07.2017, 16:23 by Miss_Blue (4 replies)

Curriculum Decision Making
26.07.2017, 13:31 by shree (1 reply)

Educator Articles

Requirements for Early Childhood Teachers Within A Centre Based Service

Under the National Quality Framework, it is a requirement to have Early Childhood Teachers (ECT’s) within a centre based service for preschool children and under. 

Student Articles

How To Reference Correctly Using Web Sources

As a student finding information and doing research is an important part of completing assignments. Once you find the information you need to complete the question, it's imperative you know how to reference the information that you are adding into your response.

Parent Articles


Measles is a serious disease that is easily spread through the air. Immunisation is effective in preventing the disease. All children and adults born during or after 1966 should be vaccinated with 2 doses of measles containing vaccine if not already immune.

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