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Work Entitlements For Pregnant Women Wor…

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Until the little one arrives, some of you will choose to continue working...

Childcare Articles August 10, 2017

Belonging Being Becoming - Portfolio

This template enables you to record the child's 3B's within the EYLF that their lives are...

Child Portfolios August 7, 2017

Public Holiday Information For Educators…

Throughout the year there are days that are declared Public Holidays. This is a national holiday...

Childcare Articles August 4, 2017

Staff Meeting

This template is to be used when conducting a staff meeting.

Forms and Checklists August 1, 2017

Organise personal work priorities and development
Today, 12:01 by sasha r (1 reply)

Yesterday, 20:14 by annakate (3 replies)

looking for work while studying cert 3
Yesterday, 14:55 by JesstheHufflepuff (4 replies)

Centre policies in children's behaviour
Yesterday, 12:35 by angelicvicki (16 replies)

Am I answering this correctly?
Yesterday, 11:35 by Pinkanat (1 reply)

Fostering holistic development - families
15.08.2017, 23:26 by Sharryn (1 reply)

15.08.2017, 21:50 by Jadek (1 reply)

CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically
15.08.2017, 19:36 by Jadek (1 reply)

CHCPRT001 Identify and Respond to Children...
15.08.2017, 18:59 by Kalzana (5 replies)

3 Practial examples in a child care setting
15.08.2017, 18:58 by Jadek (1 reply)

Educator Articles

Work Entitlements For Pregnant Women Working In Childcare

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Until the little one arrives, some of you will choose to continue working and since you are pregnant there is a range of entitlements available to you.  Sick Leave Even though you are pregnant, you still get your ordinary sick leave entitlements.  Pregnancy is not considered an illness or injury...

Student Articles

How To Reference Correctly Using Web Sources

As a student finding information and doing research is an important part of completing assignments. Once you find the information you need to complete the question, it's imperative you know how to reference the information that you are adding into your response.

Parent Articles


Measles is a serious disease that is easily spread through the air. Immunisation is effective in preventing the disease. All children and adults born during or after 1966 should be vaccinated with 2 doses of measles containing vaccine if not already immune.

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