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Fingerprint Friendship Tree

A simple way for a child to remember their friends throughout the year.

Art and Craft December 8, 2016

Counting Numbers - Christmas Counting

Get into the holiday spirit with these Xmas Counting Worksheets from 1 to 10. Encourage children...

Counting Numbers Worksheets December 7, 2016

Owl Graduation Craft

For preschool children, get them to create their own graduation owl as a keepsake of their...

Art and Craft December 6, 2016

Resigning From A Job In Early Childhood

Sometimes you know that it’s time to move on from your current centre. You may have...

Childcare Articles December 5, 2016

Super hard asignment need loads of support...
less than a minute ago by mummyto3 (1 reply)

Certificate 3 In Education Support
17 minutes ago by mummyto3 (25 replies)

HELP WHAT DO I DO?????????
19 minutes ago by mummyto3 (1 reply)

Promoting Self Help Skills Around Meal Times
Today, 11:39 by rsaltmarsh (5 replies)

Question - ECT working as part time Director?
Today, 04:10 by Lorina (4 replies)

How to start my career in Childcare
Yesterday, 21:02 by sappy (4 replies)

CHCECE004 - Food Handling Requirements
Yesterday, 20:56 by libb (25 replies)

Behavioural Support Plan
Yesterday, 20:41 by Lorina (4 replies)

Programming over Christmas period
Yesterday, 20:36 by Lorina (4 replies)

Chcece022 promote children agency
Yesterday, 20:22 by lanashakir (1 reply)

Educator Articles

Resigning From A Job In Early Childhood

Sometimes you know that it’s time to move on from your current centre. You may have found another centre to work with, your circumstances may have changed or you found another position. Whatever it is, when it’s time to resign and leave your current centre there are formalities that you...

Student Articles

How To Reference Correctly Using Web Sources

As a student finding information and doing research is an important part of completing assignments. Once you find the information you need to complete the question, it's imperative you know how to reference the information that you are adding into your response.

Parent Articles

Influenza (Flu)

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by fluids produced during coughing and sneezing, or by direct contact with those fluids on surfaces. 

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