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Mothers Day Poem

This template is used as a Mothers Day gift and added to the child's portfolio. 

Child Portfolios May 4, 2016

Earth Day

This template is used to mark the importance of Earth Day on April 22nd.

Child Portfolios April 21, 2016

Anzac Day

This template is to be used during Anzac Day commemorations.

Child Portfolios April 19, 2016

Easter Egg Bunnies

Create a cute bunny this Easter using an egg. 

Art and Craft March 24, 2016

Sources Of Information With Resposnibilities...
Yesterday, 23:09 by Lorina (4 replies)

Room setting
Yesterday, 19:53 by wenda201307 (1 reply)

Discussing Child With Parents On Arrival
Yesterday, 18:39 by mintu12: (6 replies)

plz help me
Yesterday, 17:55 by mintu12: (2 replies)

Child care
Yesterday, 17:15 by socialispiice (1 reply)

Legal and ethical dilemmas and role play
Yesterday, 16:57 by Nara12 (1 reply)

Should Parents Take Childcare Training Courses
Yesterday, 16:39 by socialispiice (3 replies)

part b - Tom: Block Play
Yesterday, 14:16 by Raylene Riley-Singh (1 reply)

Recruitment agency cost
Yesterday, 14:02 by Rencia (2 replies)

stress at work placement
Yesterday, 13:57 by Kaor (1 reply)

Educator Articles

$24 Million Funding Available For Preschools in NSW

Implementing a preschool program in the early childhood setting enables children to develop their developmental skills in key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy and self help skills. By developing these skills educators will be assisting each individual child's short and long term success at school. It is also a...

Student Articles

Plagiarism and Cheating

Being a student and completing assessments can be a hard task. Especially when you don’t understand what the question is, you have to write an essay or a report which you may not know how to do, or you left your assignment to the last minute. How are you going...

Parent Articles

Influenza (Flu)

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by fluids produced during coughing and sneezing, or by direct contact with those fluids on surfaces. 

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