Getting daughter to fasten her jacket up?

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Scottish Joan
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Re: Getting daughter to fasten her jacket up?

Postby Scottish Joan » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:58 am

linsaa fdc wrote:What is the worst thing that can happen if she doesn't do up her jacket.......get sick!!!!
Maybe Rhona needs to find out for herself what happens and let her know that if she gets sick from not wearing it zipped up there are consequences and she will still be going to school.
Maybe Joan she is just too hot with it done up..... hard to believe sometimes when its cold outside and I can't even imagine how cold it is for you over there, but when I am rugged up and literally frozen and my grandson is running around in a shirt and undies so warm that he cuddles up to me to warm me up and to cool himself down.... maybe she is just too warm with it zipped.

You have changed your tune, you were on my side before, now your siding with Rhona.

I understand that she may be warm but her having soaking clothes means more washing for me, if its zipped then it means dry clothes which means less washing.

And regarding the school, the teacher says that if kids don't zip up then they'll come in with uniforms dripping water all over the work so they say, on wet days, kids must zip up and put up hoods when its heavy rain if they want to play outside, which Rhona does.

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linsaa fdc
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Re: Getting daughter to fasten her jacket up?

Postby linsaa fdc » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:44 pm

Hi Joan,

Not siding with anyone but because this has been a problem for you since April 2015 thought maybe looking at it from another angle might work.
The old saying "if you keep doing what you always do, you will keep getting what you always got"
Running around on wet days and getting drenched is of course not acceptable from anyone's point of view.

Hope you get it sorted eventually

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